Countertop Installation in Frisco

An unloved countertop usually means an unloved kitchen, which is supposed to be the most beloved area of your home or a gathering place at work. Improve the enjoyment of a place where so much quality time is spent with a beautiful new countertop impeccably installed by J&P Contracting LLC.

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J&P Contracting LLC: Your Friendly Countertop Contractors

Our countertop contractors are the most knowledgeable, experienced, talented, hard-working, and helpful in the area. They’re who we would want to install the countertops in our own homes! Always exacting and precise with measurements, cutting, and delivering the plan the client wants, reliability, and customer service make us who we are.

Best Countertop Contractors

For successful countertop installation, it’s essential to hire a team with significant experience. Countertops need to be perfectly level and flat. They need proper edging, measuring, and fitting to be useful in your space. If they are not cut and installed correctly, they won’t last and will make your kitchen look less sleek than it would otherwise.  

For the best results, rely on our countertop contractors for precision work and heavy lifting, and enjoy making choices that suit your tastes and budget.

Professional Granite Installation

Granite is a wonderful choice for a countertop because of its beauty and durability. It can be a hefty investment, but it adds value to the home and should last many years with simple care – but only if the installation is completed by a professional. If it isn’t, granite can show signs of damage, known as ‘rupturing.’ Placement on an uneven surface, weakly installed joints, and rushing the curing phase to move on are all common causes with low-quality granite installation – problems you won’t face when you choose our experts.

High-Quality Granite Countertop Installation

J&P Contracting LLC is available to help install, refinish, repair, and replace new or existing granite countertops. We have years of training and experience under our belts and immense knowledge of the proper treatment, selection, and installation of granite at your home or office. Our process is as follows:

  • Assessment of area for granite countertop installation, digital measuring
  • Consultation for layout and choosing granite on request
  • Estimate creation
  • Slab selection
  • Edge selection
  • Countertop fabrication via stone cutting technology programmed for sink, cooktop, and soap dispenser cut-outs
  • Removal of old countertops, if requested
  • Transport of cut slab
  • Granite countertop installation
  • Project completion by projected date and on budget

Concrete Countertop Contractors

Concrete countertops are a popular choice in modern, industrial, minimalist, and now even contemporary design. Each poured concrete countertop is unique to the owner and the room where it’s installed. It takes a skilled and experienced hand to execute precise and perfect results the way J&P Contracting LLC concrete countertop contractors can. We provide different finishes, edges, and a colorless sealant to extend its lifespan and improve functionality, making it:

  • Food-safe
  • Heat resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Easier to maintain

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