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Organization is the key to success, which is exactly why Celina business and homeowners should turn to J&P Contracting LLC for all their commercial and residential remodeling projects. We’ve got renovations down to a science with the best team, materials, products, and techniques in the area. For flawless results that never disappoint, call us at (214) 995-7738 now.

J&P Contracting LLC’s Remodeling Company’s Initial Process

At the client’s convenience, we survey the area being remodeled. We take measurements and details of the customer’s vision and goals. With knowledge of the products and materials desired, we calculate an estimate that we adhere to closely. Once accepted, we sign contracts and ascertain the proper documents. And then we begin!

Top Remodeling Contractors

We arrive prepared for work. Our skills and technique are enhanced by our professionalism. In demolition, we carefully dismantle the old and remove it. With a clean slate, we begin installation of the new, as preplanned. Progress reports and walkthroughs are available throughout the remodeling process. Once complete, we inspect and clean up so everything is ready for the client to enjoy.

Amazing Remodeling Services

Remodeling services can do wonders for your space. Business and homeowners can enjoy the benefits of more space, storage, functionality, better traffic and airflow, and more attractive areas. Energy saving alterations can be added. The added value to their property is enjoyable, too, especially with showstopping exterior projects that add significant curb appeal.  

Commercial Remodeling

Bring new life into old venues. Renovation projects always leave an impact. In commercial settings, new flooring, wall treatments, and lighting are sometimes enough to refresh a space. But to maximize impact in any and all commercial environments, business owners can consider:

  • Kitchen: Closed kitchens can be made open as an added attraction to guests or can be changed to serve a different purpose than previous use. In corporate or office settings, a communal kitchen where the staff working long hours can store goods, prepare food, gather, and eat is both convenient and productivity-boosting.
  • Bathroom: A touch-free bathroom is more advantageous than ever. Automated soap dispensing, tap flow, powerful air dryers, and hands-free flushing provide a sanitary experience for users in any setting.
  • Floorplan: Convert a cubicle-laden office into an open area to promote collaboration and increase productivity. In a restaurant, increase seating options. In both scenarios, consider patios where staff can be reinvigorated or where guests can dine al fresco.

Residential Remodeling

Boost the value and curb appeal of a home with one or many remodeling projects. Every home improvement has its own return on investment, so money spent is never in vain. Besides, the work will be beautiful and designed to allow the homeowner to enjoy it for years into the future. Popular projects we’ve delivered time and again include:

  • Spa bathrooms
  • Open concept living room and kitchens
  • Basement finishing
  • Home gyms
  • Home offices
  • Exterior siding and landscaping

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